How to clean an air conditioner?

Knowing how to clean an air conditioner saves money and time. It also helps you avoid sudden breakdowns in your air conditioner and also not to miss all your happy times with your loved ones. As most of the people prefer to use wireless split air conditioners these days we will look into the cleaning of split air conditioner.

how to clean air conditioner


                         The cleaning of the indoor unit of the most commonly used air conditioner is simple and isn’t too time-consuming. The requirements for this project isn’t too costly to afford. An airbag in case of the split air conditioner, mild chemical coil cleaners because harsh chemicals can have an adverse effect on the rotors present inside the air conditioner and a water spray. Since this is a basic process only selected things are required for this process. The cleaning of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner is a much tiring and complicated process. So it’s better to leave the process to a professional. Air bags can be purchased in the time of purchasing an air conditioner along with it in the store or separately.


                       Now for  the indoor unit of a split air conditioner, you need to first fix the airbag on both sides of the bag to the ends of the air conditioner and now spray the chemical coil cleaner over the coils and the cooling fins’. The rotor and the rotor blades also must be sprayed properly with the spray. Using a far-reaching and thin nozzle must be used for effective results over your air conditioner. A pressure garden sprayer would be a better choice.

                      Leave it undisturbed for up to 30 minutes of time for all the dirt and impurities to get soaked and be removed. No using the water spray wash the rotor blades and the cooling fins’. As the water is sprayed you will watch the impurities get washed away with the solution.

                      Now switch on the air conditioner and let the fans to spray out the water into the bag. It’s important to lift the bag while this process or the water would be split everywhere. You can watch the impurities and dust wash away in front of you.

                    It’s mandatory for everyone to know how to clean an air conditioner at least in a basic way. Even experts have advised to clean air conditioners once in a month. However, it depends on our usage the more we use the more we must clean. These simple cleaning steps will help you understand more about how to clean an air conditioner.

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